The Aizawl West College was founded on 2 May, 1990 with the primary objective of imparting college education in the evening hours for deserving students especially to the students who could not afford education in daycollege. When the Govt. upgraded Aizawl College, to the status of Govt. College in 1989, Govt. converted the college into day college and hence the need of another evening college. While there were colleges in the eastern, southern and northern part of Aizawl City, there was not a single college in the western part of Aizawl. Thus considering the need of those students for pursuing their higher education, opening a new college in the western part of Aizawl was a necessity. Hence, Aizawl West College was established out of the enthusiasm of the general public in this part of the city. The Land was donated by the residents of the Locality of Dawrpui Vengthar, Aizawl.

            When the founding father established this college, there was no evening college. As such a large section of young people who had to earn their livelihood either by working in offices or by doing manual labour could not pursue their study at college level. It is therefore with a view to importing college education to such poor and needy students in evening classes that Aizawl West College came into existence.

          In due course of time the objective has successfully been achieved in that students who worked during daytime as cobblers, mending shoes along the main roads, as porters carrying gas cylinders and as daily labourers doing all sorts of menial works have now been successful as bachelors and Masters Degree holders in various subjects. The poor and hard working students have now got appointments to hold important offices – some as officers, some as clerical staff, some others in schools and colleges.

         The college was first affiliated to the North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) for Pre-University (Arts) on 9 March, 1992, and Degree (Arts) on 9 June,1994. When a separate University called Mizoram University (Central) was established on 2 July, 2002 the affiliation was transferred to the University.
The college is recognized by UGC under 2(f) and 12(B).



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