In view of the general need for the welfare of the students of Govt, Aizawl West college, there shall be an association called “ THE STUDENTS’ UNION” whose programmes and activities shall be guided and supervised by the college authority. For the establishment and functioning of the students Union, the following directives are promulgated and adopted.



                                    (1) To promote the welfare of the students.

                                    (2) To promote moral and spiritual values and    integrity    among

                                          the students

                                    (3) To improve academic atmosphere through disciplined efforts.

                                    (4) To organize co-curricular activities.

                                    (5) To maintain and promote fraternity.


3. MEMBERSHIP:   All the students shall be members of the STUDENTS’ UNION’ of

                                    the college.



                                    There shall be an Executive Body comprising of the following:-


(1)PRESIDENT: The Principal of the college shall be the Ex-

Officio President and his decision shall be binding and final in all matters  including dissolution or suspension of the students’ Union. He shall appoint Lecturers-in-charge of various functionaries and shall hold election of the students’Union by appointing Returning Officer and Polling Officers.

(2)VICE PRESIDENT: He shall preside over meetings in absence of the President and supervise the activities of the functionaries

(3)GENERAL SECRETARY: He shall convene meetings and keep records . He shall guide and coordinate the activities of the various functionaries.

(4)SOCIAL AND CULTURAL SECRETARY: He shall be responsible for social and cultural functions and competitions.

(5)GAMES AND SPORTS SECRETARY: He shall be responsible for Games and Sports.

(6)DEBATING SECRETARY: He shall be responsible for debates, speeches,seminar, symposium and essay writing and competition.

(7)COMMON ROOM SECRETARY: He shall be responsible for indoor games and competitions therein  and shall look after the common room.



(8)MAGAZINE EDITOR: He shall be responsible for editing and publication of the college Annual Magazine and other Official journals of the students’Union.

(9)CLASS REPRESENTATIONS: One male representative and one female representatives from each section of classes shall be there to represent the interest of his /her section/class

(10).ASSISTANT GENERAL SECRETARY: He shall assist the        General Secretary and act on his behalf in his absence.

(11)ASSISSTANT SECRETARIES /ASST.   MAGAZINE  EDITOR : For clauses (3) to (8) of Article 4 above ,there shall be one Assistant each to assist the General Secretary/ the Secretary/ the Magazine Editor as the case may be.


                            (1) Office  bearers mentioned in Article 4 clause (2) to (8) above shall

                                 be elected by the students of the college in a General Election by a

Secret Ballot. The election shall take place usually soon after    Freshers’ Social/Induction. Students having Back Paper/ Back Subject are not allowed to contest for any office of the Students’Union.


                           (2) Each candidate for the posts in Article 4 clause (3) to (8) shall have 

                                 his/her running mate which shall act as his/her assistant if elected.


(3)The President shall issue rules or directives for conducting the

General election .

(4)The Class Representatives shall be elected immediately after starting

each class.


                           (1) Ordinary meetings and emergency meetings of the Executive Body

                                Shall be convened by the General Secretary in consultation with the

                                President. One-Thirds of the total number of existing members shall

                                Form a quorum.

                            (2) General meeting of the students may be convened to discuss

                                important  issues provided that the Executive committee decides it so.

                                One fourths of the total strength of the students shall form a Quorum.


7. FUND:           (1) Funds may be raised from the students as Union Fees to be decided    

                                 by the Executive Body.

                           (2) The Fund shall be governed by the President.


8. AMENDMENT:  Amendment to this constitution  can be proposed by two-thirds

                                 majority of the Executive members present in the meeting subject to

                                 the approval or disapproval of the President.








            The following Professors are appointed to revise the Constitution of SU and make suggestions to improve the existing Constitution for better application suitable to our semester system. They are requested to submit their suggestions on or before July 3,2013 to the Principal,Govt.Aizawl West College.


     SL.N0. Name of Professors

  1.       Dr. P Lalremliana
  2.       Dr. P L Ramliana
  3.       Dr Rosangliani
  4.       Ms Lianhlupuii
  5.       Mr.H.Lalvulliana
  6.       Dr Vanlalvena Hnamte







                                                                                    Govt. Aizawl West College                                                                                                            Aizawl, Mizoram,




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