2012 – 2013



                   With a view to achieve an academic excellence in the college, different cells are formed as follows. This will be in force with immediate effect and will remain in force untill further order.


1.      IQAC Core Committee

         Chairman              :  Dr. Laithanzauva

         Coordinator           :  Dr. Benjamin Lalrinsanga

         Asst. Coordinator  :  Dr. Samuel V.L. Thlanga

         Members               :  Dr. P. Lalremliana

                                          Dr. Rosangliani

                                          Prof. C. Lalthlengliana

                                          Dr. P.L. Ramliana

                                          Mr. Lalchhuanmawia

                                          Ms. Lianhlupuii

                                          Mr. H. Lalvulliana

                                          Ms. Jennifer Saizamliani

                                          Mr. Lalengzauva

                                          Ms. Janet Vanlalhlimpuii

                                          Mr. V. Zothankhuma

                                          Ms. Lalremruati

                                          Prof. Lalnundanga, MZU

                                          Prof. H.K. Laldinpuii, MZU


2.       Information & Technology Cell

          Chairman             -        Mr. Lalengzauva

          Co-Ordinator         -        Ms. Janet Vanlalhlimpuii

          Members              -        Ms. Juliet Lalthantluangi Pachuau

                                               Dr. R. Lalsangpuii

                                               Mr. Lincoln Lalfakmawia


3.      Academic Interaction Cell

          Chairman             -        Dr. R. Lalzawnga

          Co-Ordinator         -        Ms. Lalnunthari

          Members             -        Mr. Vanlalsawma

                                             Dr. Lalrohlui


4.      Research Project Cell

          Chairman             -        Dr. P.L. Ramliana

          Co-Ordinator        -        Ms. Janet Vanlalhlimpuii

          Members             -        Dr. Rosangliani

                                             Ms. Lallianzuali Varte

                                             Dr. R. Lalsangpuii


5.     Grievance Redressal & Complaint Cell

          Chairman             -        Ms. Lianhlupuii

          Co-Ordinator         -        Mr. Lalchhuanmawia

          Members              -        Ms. Lalrosangi

                                              Mr. Tawnliana

                                              Ms. Lalthlamuanpuii


6.      Career & Placement Cell

          Chairman             -        Dr. Rosangliani

          Co-Ordinator         -        Ms. Lalnunthari

          Members              -        Dr. Vanlalvena Hnamte

                                               Mr. Lalhriata

                                               Ms. Lalremruati Vanchhawng


7.     Counselling Cell

          Chairman             -        Dr. Lalrohlui

          Co-Ordinator         -        Ms. Lalremruati

          Members              -        Ms. Malsawmtluangi Chuauhang

                                               Ms. Lalremruati Pachuau

                                               Mr. T. Vanlawma


8.     Language Development Cell

          Chairman             -        Dr. Mary Anne Lalbiakhlui Zadeng

          Co-Ordinator         -        Ms. Jennifer Saizamliani

          Members              -        Mr. Lalhriata

                                               Mr. Lalengzauva

                                               Ms Lalmawipuii Chawngthu


9.     Sports & Youth Activities Cell

          Chairman             -        Mr. H. Lalvulliana

          Co-Ordinator         -        Mr. V. Zothankhuma

          Members              -        Mr. Lalrotluanga

                                               Ms. K. Lalmuanpuii

                                              Teacher-in-Charge of Games & Sports

                                               Vice-President, S.U

                                              General Secretary, S.U

                                              Secretary, Games & Sports, S.U


10.     Prevention Against Sexual Harassment Cell

          Chairman             -        Ms. Vanchhingpuii

          Co-Ordinator         -        Ms. Jennifer Saizamliani

          Members              -        Mr. C. Chawngliana

                                               Ms. Lalremruati Pachuau


11.   Library & Information Cell

          Chairman             -        Dr. Laithanzauva, Principal

          Co-Ordinator         -        Mr. Ngursavunga Sailo, Librarian

          Members              -        All Head of Departments

                                                Vice President, S.U


12.      Equal Opportunity Cell

          Chairman             -        Dr. Laithanzauva, Principal

          Advisor                -        Dr. Samuel V.L. Thlanga, Asst. Co-Ordinator IQAC

          Members              -        Dr. Benjamin Lalrinsanga, Co-Ordinator IQAC

                                               Dr. P. Lalremliana

                                               Dr. Vanlalvena Hnamte

                                               Ms. Lalnunthari


13.     Higher Education for Persons with Special Needs Cell (HEPSN)

          Advisor                 -        Ms. Malsawmtluangi Chuauhang

          Members               -        Ms. Lalremruati

                                                Ms. Lallianzuali Varte


14.      Skills Development Cell

          Chairman             -        Prof. C. Lalthlengliana

          Advisor                -        Dr. R. Lalsangpuii

          Members              -        Dr. P.L. Ramliana

                                               Ms. Lalhlimpuii

                                               Ms. Lalrofeli


15.      Mentoring Cell

          Chairman             -        Dr. Vanlalvena Hnamte

          Advisor                -        Ms. Lalremruati

          Members              -        Mr. Vanlalsawma

                                               Ms. Lianhlupuii

                                               Ms. K. Lalmuanpuii




          (Dr. Benjamin Lalrinsanga)                                            (Dr. LAITHANZAUVA)

                  Co-ordinator                                                                   Principal

                     IQAC                                                             Govt. Aizawl West College

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