MCTA Branch

MCTA Leaders ( 2013-2015)

President : H.Lalvulliana

Vice President : Lianhlupuii

Secretary : Dr.Benjamin Lalrinsanga

Asst.Secy : V.Zothankhuma

Treasurer :  Lianlianzuali Varte

Fin.Secy : Jennifer Saizamliani

Executive Committee Members

1) Vanlalsawma

2) Dr.Vanlalvena Hnamte
3) Dr.R.Lalzawnga
4) Prof. C.Lalthlengliana
5) Dr.Rosangliani
6) T.Vanlawma
7) Dr.Mary Anne Lalbiakhlui Zadeng
8) Janet Vanlalhlimpuii
9) Malsawmtluangi Chuauhang
Ex-Officio Members
1) Dr.PL Ramliana, Gen.Secy MCTA Headqarters
2) Dr.Samuel V.L.thlanga, Executive Member, MCTA Headquaters



Name of Branch        : Govt. Aizawl West College

Year of establishment of the College :  2nd May,1990

Name of the Principal                         :  Dr. Lalthanzauva

No. of Departments / Subjects in the College : 8

  1. Arts                 :           8
  2. Science            :           Nil
  3. Commerce       :           Nil
  4. Others             :           Nil

Current strength of Teaching Staff in the college

  1. Regular            : 36 ( Assistant Professors : 10, Associate Professors : 25, Professor : 1)
  2. Contract          : Nil
  3. Part-time         : 3

No. of vacant posts :Nil

Name of Office Bearers of MCTA Branch

  1. President         : Mr.H.Lalvulliana
  2. Vice President : Mrs Lianhlupuii
  3. Secretary         : Dr.B.Lalrinsanga
  4. Asst.Secretary : Mr.V.Zothankhuma
  5. Treasurer         : Mrs.Lallianzuali Varte
  6. Fin.Secretary   : Ms.Jennifer Saizamliani

Steps taken by the Branch for Maintenance of standards and Qualitative Improvement

  1. Conducted Leadership training for Student Union leaders
  2. The Branch organised institutional level workshop on Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in collaboration with IQAC of the college.
  3. Two Departments (History and Public Administration) in collaboration with IQAC and MCTA Branch have organised National workshop during the reporting period.
  4. MCTA Branch have made various suggestions to the college authority  for quality improvement in teaching –learning process.

Finance Reports

  • Receipt          : Rs. 1,66,166.00
  • Expenditure    : Rs.    16,090.00
  • Balance          : Rs. 1,50,076.00 

Other Reports / Activities ( if any)

1. During the report period, the following members have been awarded Ph.D degree by Assam and Mizoram University respectively-‚Äč


2. R.Lalsangpuii, Department of History


3. Mary Anne Lalbiakhlui Zadeng, Department of English


4. Ms. Janet Vanlalhlimpuii, Departement of Public Administration obtained M.Phil degree from Mizoram University


5. Mrs Lalremruati, Department of Psychology also submitted her Thesis to Mizoram University during the reporting period and is waiting for her viva voce.


6. Dr.C.Lalthlengliana, Department of History was promoted to the post of Professor by the Govt. of Mizoram

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