Ms. Lalnunthari

Name                                                  Lalnunthari

Designation                                         Assistance   Professor

Educational Qualification                   : M.A.(P.A)


  1. Member, Mizoram College Teachers Association, Headquaters
  2.  Member, Mizoram College Teachers Association, Govt.Aizawl West College Branch
  3. Member, All India Federation of University and College Teachers Ogranisation
  4. Coordinator, Career & Counselling Cell, IQAC, Govt.Aizawl West College
  5. Asst.Co-ordinator, IGNOU, Study Centre, Govt.Aizawl West College
  6. Academic Counsellor, IGNOU


Seminar / worship / training etc. participated :

  1. Participated in NAAC sponsored State level seminar on Quality Education in the Colleges of Mizoram organized by Govt.Johnson College in 17th-18th April, 2013
  2. Attended State Level Seminar on Higher Education in 12nd Five Year Plan organised by Mizoram Educational Foundation and IGNOU, Aizawl Regional Centre on 30th May,2013.
  3. Attended  in  Institutional  level seminar on Professional Code of Ethics for Teachers organized by Mizoram College Teachers Association (MCTA),Govt.Aizawl West College Branch on 23rd September,2013
  4. Participated in workshop on Financial Education organized by Govt.Aizawl West College and Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) on 4th October, 2013

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